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Bank breaks. Bank Pekao, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Nest Bank – difficulties [lista]

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Bank Pekao, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole and Nest Bank – these are the banks that have planned service works in the coming days. Therefore, customers must prepare for difficulties. Some people will not have access to online and mobile banking.

Bank Pekao

On Friday, from 11.30 pm to 6.00 am on Saturday, Bank Pekao customers will not log in to the Pekao24 website and will not use the PeoPay application. The PeoPay KIDS application will also be unavailable.

“Remember to order transfers or other planned operations in electronic banking in advance,” advise representatives of Bank Pekao. At the same time, they assured that during this time “cards and ATMs will work properly”.

Bank BNP Paribas

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On Saturday from 22.00 to 23.59, m. Blik payments, PaybyLink and PaybyNet online payments, PayU Express, mobile payments – car parks and tickets, phone transfer and express elixir.

Moreover, on Wednesday from 22.00 to 1.00 on Thursday, the website www.bnpparibas.pl will be unavailable due to scheduled service works. “During the intermittent unavailability, a page will be displayed that allows you to go to the transaction systems” – informed Bank BNP Paribas.

Credit Agricole

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, from 23.00 to 9.00, the mobile application and the CA24 eBank and Blik internet services will be unavailable. During this time, Credit Agricole customers will also not receive SMS notifications about the card transaction.

“You can only stop the card on our hotline. The cash deposited in the cash deposit machine will be booked after the end of the break” – we read in Credit Agricole’s communiqué.

“If you plan transfers, make them in advance. Payment cards in shops and service points and when withdrawing from ATMs will work normally. However, just in case, have cash with you” – advise the bank’s representatives.

Nest Bank

On the night from Friday to Saturday, from 0.30 to 7.00, online banking and the Nest Bank mobile application will be completely unavailable. This means that customers, including they will not log in to online banking and the mobile application, nor will they use Blik.

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