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Bank Pekao – changes in the management board. Paweł Strączyński becomes the new vice-president

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Paweł Strączyński will be the vice-president of Bank Pekao. The bank’s supervisory board decided so. The outgoing CEO of Tauron Polska Energia will take up the new position on Thursday. He was the president of Tauron for three months.

Bank Pekao announced in the announcement that “on August 3 this year, the supervisory board of Bank Pekao SA, after conducting the suitability assessment, appointed Paweł Strączyński as the vice-president of the Bank’s Management Board”. As added, Strączyński will join the current joint term of the Management Board on Thursday.

Paweł Strączyński becomes vice-president of Bank Pekao

On July 2, Paweł Strączyński resigned from the position of the president of the management board of Tauron Polska Energia. The company then informed that the resignation was submitted with effect at the end of July 21, 2021. However, on July 19, the company announced that the president of Tauron would step down a week later – on July 28. Ultimately – as indicated last week – this will happen on August 4.

Paweł Strączyński was the president of the management board of Tauron Polska Energia from April 1, 2021.

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Bank Pekao recalled in the announcement that earlier Strączyński was also the vice-president of the management board for finance at PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna. He also worked on the boards of, among others: Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich Kogeneracja, Zower, PGNiG Termika Energetyka Przemysłowa, Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Polska Grupa Biogazowa.

Paweł Strączyńskimedia.tauron.pl

Leszek Skiba has been the President of Bank Pekao since April 2020.

Bank Pekao

Bank Pekao, established in 1929, is the second largest universal bank in Poland with approximately PLN 230 billion in assets. With the second largest branch network, Bank Pekao serves over 5.7 million customers. PKO BP is in the first place.

Main photo source: media.tauron.pl

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