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Bank Pekao – fake sites. How to know? What addresses? KNF CSIRT warning

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The cybersecurity team at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF CSIRT) informed about fake websites impersonating a large bank. In this case, the clients of Bank Pekao are targeted.

“We warn against fake pages impersonating Bank Pekao SA” – wrote CSIRT KNF on Twitter. Experts added that “Cybercriminals on dangerous sites are phishing for online banking login credentials.”

“Be careful and carefully verify the address of your bank’s website,” they appealed.

Fake websites of Pekao and other banks – warning

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CSIRT KNF also showed what an example of a fake page looks like and indicated what its fake address is: pekao-pl.net/pages.

Bank Pekao also shared this information on Twitter. “Let’s be #CYBERvigilant!” he wrote to customers.

A few days earlier, the KNF CSIRT also published information about fake domains of other banks.

“Websites created by cybercriminals very often resemble real ones. As part of our series, we present more examples of fake domains used in attacks on electronic banking customers,” the team wrote on Twitter.

In the graphic, we can see that the scammers impersonate Plus Bank, mBank, ING Bank Śląski, BNP Paribas and Velo Bank, and the fake websites are: plushank24-pl.com, onlinembank-pl.sytes.net, ing-pl-app .org, login.bnpparibas-pl.com and velobank.fun.

Internet scams – warnings against cybercriminals

Cybercriminals do not stop in their activities. Bank Millennium informed about fraudsters sending messages with a link to funds that someone allegedly transferred using Blik. In addition cybercriminals created advertisements in which they use the image of Santander Bank Polskaleading to “dangerous sites”.

PKO BP recently published a warning against scammers who try to steal customer data. Cybercriminals publish advertisements on social networks encouraging people to invest in PKOCoin.

mBank warned against thieves when criminals used its image by sending e-mails with information about the confirmation of the alleged SWIFT payment. Earlier, the KNF CSIRT warned that fraudsters were using the image of Bank BNP Paribas.

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