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Bank robbery in Błonie – father and son accused. The money was supposed to patch the home budget

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw accused 55-year-old Wojciech L. and his 23-year-old son Piotr of carrying out an armed robbery on a bank in Błonie. Men stole several thousand zlotys from the facility. As determined by the Polish Press Agency, the reason for the attack was the financial problems of the 55-year-old and the health problems of one of his close family members.

On April 23 at 11.50 a young man entered the seat of the SKOK Stefczyka branch at Poniatowskiego Street in Błonie and asked about the conditions for granting a cash loan. After receiving the information, he left and got into a car parked nearby. A moment later another man entered the facility, shouted “this is a robbery!”, Took a gun out of his bag and fired a shot at the ceiling. He informed the bank’s employees that they were to give him the money immediately. Then a man who had previously asked for a loan joined him. As the two women opened the safes, the perpetrator placed what he claimed to be an explosive device on the desk and threatened to blow up the facility if he hears an alarm or sirens from police cars.


After receiving the money, they fled to the car. The police, fire brigades and security guards arrived at the scene. The officers quickly determined that the bomb left by the perpetrators was a dummy. It was made of, among other things, an old cell phone, which made it easier for police officers to track down the suspects. It was also possible to determine the direction in which they fled, because the robbers’ route was blocked by a truck standing along the street. Piotr L. took out his gun and threatened the driver with a shot if he refused to get out of the way. The witness remembered him well.

The police officers of the Department for Combating Criminal Terror and Murder of the Warsaw Police Headquarters dealt with the explanation of the case and determination of the perpetrators. On April 28, together with the officers of the Independent Counter-Terrorist Police Unit in Warsaw they went to the place where the perpetrators – father and son – lived. A hunting shotgun, air rifle and ammunition were secured in their apartment. Wojciech L. had a gun permit.

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The robbery money was supposed to help repair the family budget

– The men were accused of committing a robbery jointly and in concert with the use of a dangerous tool. In addition, Piotr L. was accused of directing threats to a man whose car was blocking the accused’s escape route. At the time of bringing the indictment to the court against the men, a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention was applied, said Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, a spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

The accused Wojciech L., a car painter by profession, pleaded guilty. He went to the robbery in the client’s car, he only glued the license plates. The 55-year-old explained to the prosecutor’s office that his son did not know about the attack he was planning. He was initiated only after reaching the bank branch and agreed to help, he was to “stand on watch”. The accused assured that he did not want to hurt anyone. The robbery was supposed to help in mending the household budget, damaged by his wife’s illness and the high credit taken by his older son. Wojciech L. said that after returning home, he burnt the clothes in which they went to the bank.

The chest officer added that the suspects face up to 15 years imprisonment.

Main photo source: KSP

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