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Banks secure credit 2 percent. List of banks that will provide it

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The Safe Credit 2 percent program is about to be launched, i.e. another form of a government program to facilitate the purchase of your own apartment. As the Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda informed on Thursday at the conference, “the program is ready to be launched from July 3”. He added that for the time being, the two largest banks, PKO BP and Pekao SA, are in the program, and five more are finalizing the conclusion of an agreement with BGK. We asked the banks for details when they plan to include Secure Credit 2 percent in their offers.

The Safe Credit 2 percent program was intended for people who are under 45, do not have and have not had an apartment, a house and a cooperative right to a flat or a house. According to the Ministry of Development and Technology responsible for the program, in the case of marriage or parents of at least one common child, at least one of them will have to meet the age requirement.

All basic information about the Safe Credit 2 percent program can be found in “Loans with a subsidy to the installment. Everything you need to know“.

– We are waiting for other banks that want to participate in this program, five more banks are finalizing the conclusion of the agreement, and by the end of the year basically all banks want to enter the program – said Minister Buda. However, many Poles would like to know when and which banks will offer this loan. We asked and this is what the banks told us.

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The Ministry and BGK are silent

At the outset, let us remind you that last Friday on Twitter, Waldemar Buda, the Minister of Development, announced that “Eight banks with a 50% share in the mortgage loan market are in the process of entering Safe Credit 2 percent.” “We also note the interest of the PBS and SGB Groups, which gives an opportunity to participate in the program of a large network of cooperative banks” – added the head of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

A few days later, Katarzyna Fortuna from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego told PAP that “12 banks, including cooperative banks, declare the introduction of ‘secure credit'”. According to the agency, 7 declared their readiness to grant these loans from July 3, and five want to introduce it at a later date.

However, neither Minister Buda nor BGK, which grants the guarantee and with whom the banks are to sign agreements to grant loans under the programme, do not currently inform which institutions have applied. BGK informs that this information will appear after signing the agreements.

Which banks will provide safe credit?

That is why we asked the banks ourselves if they wanted to participate in the program. Below are their answers.

PKO BP – the bank invites its customers to visit branches from June 21, where employees are to provide information about this government program. The application in branches can be submitted from July 3.

Bank Pekao S.A will offer the Safe Credit program from July 3, and from July 10 its offer will include the second element of the program, i.e. the savings account – Konto Mieszkaniowe.

Alior Bank – on the bank’s website, before the start of the program, you can find information about the start of the program and a contact form, after which the advisor is to contact us.

mBank – the bank informed us that it intends to join the program in the third quarter of this year.

Santander Bank informed us that “we are preparing to offer Secure Credit 2%, it will enter our offer, but at a later date. offers”.

Bank BPS – “Yes, our bank will join the program First Apartment. We plan to introduce a safe 2% loan in mid-July this year. The cooperative banks affiliated with us will also join the program.”

Group spokesperson SGB ​​Cooperative Banks answered us that “Yes, Cooperative Banks will grant ‘Safe 2 percent loan’, the offer will be available to customers in July”.

Secure Credit. These banks are still reviewing the case

In turn, the bank BNP Paribas informed us that he was still analyzing the subject and no decision had yet been made on joining the program. The representative replied in a similar tone ING Bank Śląskiwho wrote that “we have not made a decision yet, we are at the stage of analyzing the act”.

Also Bank Millennium “still analyzing the case”, and a possible decision on participation in the program is to be made in the second half of the year.

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