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Banksy's works collected in a collection that can be seen in Soho, London

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Banksy creates a stencil, sprays paint and disappears, and everyone stops and says: this is special. An exhibition was opened in London, which collected an exceptionally large number of his works.

Each new work by Banksy attracts crowds of his fans. One of his works appeared in north London in mid-March and continues to attract so much attention that the district council decided to put plastic covers over it. Those who are hungry for more of Banksy's work can get a closer look at them in the city center.

“The Flower Thrower”, Mona Lisa placed behind the air conditioning grill and other works

The world's largest collection of original works by an artist from Bristol has opened in Soho. In addition to such hits as “Girl with a Balloon”, in three versions, you can also see works referring to the current conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. However, the exhibition organizers are most proud of two works that were borrowed from private collections.

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– This is the original “flower thrower” that was a Valentine's Day gift. And Mona Lisa, whose existence we had no idea until last year, is being shown here for the first time – says Michel Boersma, curator of the exhibition.

Mona Lisa appears to be winking at those looking at her through the air conditioning grille placed in front of her face. The exhibition in smaller versions was previously seen by over one and a half million people and was shown, among others, in New Zealand, America and Australia. Although the mysterious artist did not authorize it, the authenticity of the works was confirmed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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