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Baranów. Dangerous behavior on the A2, stopped the car in the left lane of the motorway

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The thoughtless behavior of one of the drivers on the A2 could have ended in tragedy. The driver of a Volvo drove in front of the BMW driving in the left lane and stopped the car. Other road users escaped to the road dividing lane. We received the recording on Kontakt 24.

A reader who witnessed a dangerous situation on the A2 motorway near Baranów contacted the editorial office of Kontakt 24. He sent the recording. It shows one of the drivers stopping in the left lane in front of a moving BMW. The other drivers barely braked. Some people changed the lane to the right at the last minute, some saved themselves by swerving onto the grass separating the opposite lanes.

– I travel this route often, so it's no stranger to me. I recently invested in a camera because such situations are frequent and need to be documented. I have already sent the video to the police – Mr. Waldemar told us.

And he emphasized how dangerous such situations can be. – I often travel with a child and if I had to brake suddenly because someone decided to discipline another driver, it could have ended differently. The recording shows the driver making a strange, dangerous maneuver in front of the BMW, and when everyone stopped, he simply drove away – he commented.

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Main photo source: Vegur/Kontakt 24

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