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Barbecue, pool and shade tax

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The May weekend is an opportunity to relax outdoors. In Poland, a popular way to spend a picnic is to organize a barbecue. However, in other countries it is not so simple. Citizens of some European countries have to pay taxes for using a barbecue, having a swimming pool or even covering the sun.

Belgian barbecue tax

Residents of Belgium’s Wallonia region must pay tax every time they light a barbecue – whether they’re throwing a party or spending time with their family.

– Outdoor cooking in Wallonia is taxed at €20. The local tax office, using Drones supervise from the air whether someone has not reported barbecue plans or has not paid the tax – indicates Piotr Juszczyk, Chief Tax Advisor at inFakt.

A refreshing tribute

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If the inhabitants Greece want to cool off in the swimming pool on a hot day, they have to pay tax. The levy is the mere possession of the pool, not the act of bathing. The amount of the tax depends on the area of ​​the pool. For example, in 100 m2 You have to pay about 3,000 for the tank. euro.

Juszczyk points out that in Greece there is a list of swimming pools, analogous to the records of farm buildings in Poland. Satellite images are helpful for the Greek tax office, thanks to which you can track whether Greek residents report having a swimming pool..

Venice pays for the shade

In the Italian city of Venice, there is a very unusual levy – the shadow tax. It was imposed on restaurateurs, shopkeepers and cafe owners for installing all kinds of canopies, awnings and umbrellas that block out the sun. The annual shadow tax is around €100.

Fortunately, there are no such regulations in Poland, so during the May weekend you can use the grills, swimming pools and shade at will, free of charge. Unless you live in a city where barbecuing is prohibited – or the weather is bad.

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