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Barcice Górne. Fatal accident, the driver was charged

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Prosecutors have filed charges against a 26-year-old driver suspected of causing a road accident in which two people died. The man was drunk and under the influence of drugs, and was banned from driving.

The tragic accident in Barcice Górne (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) occurred last Saturday. As investigators have now determined, one of the drivers involved was drunk, under the influence of drugs and had a driving ban. According to the district prosecutor in Nowy Sącz, Jarosław Łukacz, the 26-year-old heard the charges and was temporarily arrested on Friday.

– The District Court in Nowy Sącz arrested the suspect for a period of three months. The man had previously been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and had his driving license revoked by a court. Now he faces up to 12 years in prison, said prosecutor Łukacz.


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A train collides with a car, two people dieKM PSP Nowy Sącz

Alcohol and drugs

According to investigators, the driver was drunk at the time of the accident – he had 1.38 per mille of alcohol in his blood and was under the influence of drugs. When the prosecutor listened to his testimony, he admitted driving the vehicle and provided certain circumstances of the event, which, however, were not entirely consistent with the witnesses’ testimonies.

– The third victim of the accident remains to be interrogated – he is a passenger in the car. He is in hospital. We are waiting for forensic opinions, including determining the injuries of all victims of this collision. We are collecting evidence. Autopsies of the bodies of two victims were carried out, the prosecutor added.

A train collides with a car, two people dieKM PSP Nowy Sącz

The tragic accident on national road No. 87 in Barcice Górne near Nowy Sącz occurred last Saturday just after… 5. As reported by subcomm. Barbara Szczerba from the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow, a 26-year-old driver of a passenger car on a curve in the road, for unknown reasons, lost control of the vehicle and drove onto the tracks, overturned, and then collided with a train.

Main photo source: KM PSP Nowy Sącz

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