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Barczewo, Nikielkowo (Warmia and Mazury). The fox is stuck in the fence. The animal was freed by volunteer firefighters

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The fox fell into a trap while jumping over the fence of a farm near Olsztyn (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). All four of his paws got stuck between the rails and he couldn’t free himself. The firefighters came to help.

The beginning of this story could be a quote from Adam Mickiewicz. “He was already in the garden, he was already greeting a goose …”. Only that the fox from the poet’s song “making a jump, fell into a dug-in barrel where water was collected”, and the one from near Olsztyn got stuck between the rails of the fence. – On Saturday morning we received a notification that a fox was stuck in the fence in Nikielków. When the firefighters arrived, it turned out that the animal got stuck between the rails with all four paws – Agnieszka Nagraba, the president of firefighters from Barczewo told journalists.

As the rescuers suspect, he probably wanted to jump over the fence to hunt something.

The fox got stuck in the fenceVolunteer Fire Department in Barczewo

The fox was stuck in the fence for several hours

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The stressed animal bit the railing, trying to free itself, but without success. He must have spent several good hours on the fence.

OSP Barczewo praised its action on social media. “This is another event in which we save the health and life of animals. This year we have already saved beavers, deer and pooches that were trapped in the well, of course there were also cats pulled from the trees” – wrote the firefighters. They were rescuing the fox for the first time. As they explained in response to a question from one of the Internet users, they used a “method”. What – explains the president of the TSO.

The fox got stuck in the fenceVolunteer Fire Department Barczewo

The fox ran into the forest

To get the pet out of the trap, the firefighters first spread a blanket under it. – One of the firefighters entered the property and released the animal’s paws. Fortunately, there was no need to dismantle the fence. The firefighter simply moved these paws to the other side – says Agnieszka Nagraba. After his release, the letter lay for a while on the blanket, and when he woke up, he ran away.

FB / Volunteer Fire Department in Barczewo


– The firemen laughed that when they released him, the fox looked as if he was saying “I didn’t eat your hen at all”. Now our fox is a celebrity, the photos we took of him make a sensation on social media – Nagraba is happy.

Main photo source: Volunteer Fire Department Barczewo

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