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Barczewo. The words of the lawyer after a tragic accident with his participation caused a storm. He apologized to the families of the victims

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Lodz lawyer, Paweł K. was involved in an accident in which two women were killed. He referred to the tragedy on social media, where he stated that “it was a confrontation between a safe car and a coffin on wheels.” He later apologized for his “wrong words”. Disciplinary proceedings have already been initiated in this case.

To the tragedy on the road According to Deputy Commissioner Rafał Prokopczyk from the Olsztyn City Police Headquarters, it took place on Sunday around 6pm. Lodz lawyer was driving a Mercedes with his wife and four-year-old child. On the route connecting Barczewo and Jeziorany, the 41-year-old had to suddenly – for unknown reasons – turn into the opposite lane.

– There it collided with a vehicle driving from the opposite direction, in which two women, 53 and 67 years old, were driving – says the spokesman of the Olsztyn command.

Unfortunately, the lives of the women could not be saved. The lawyer’s four-year-old son was taken to hospital by ambulance. The circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated by the prosecutor’s office. The head of the prosecutor’s office in Olsztyn-Północ, Arkadiusz Szulc, said that all traces had been secured at the scene. The prosecutor’s office ordered, inter alia, analysis of the technical condition of both vehicles involved in the Sunday accident.

– For now, the most likely version of the events is that the Mercedes driver turned into the opposite lane and collided with a properly driving Audi – Prosecutor Arkadiusz Szulc informed on Wednesday evening.

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At the time of the accident, attorney Paweł K. was sober. Another blood sample was taken for testing. He was to tell prosecutors that he did not remember the course of the event.


Lawyer about “coffins on wheels”

Paweł K. referred to the tragedy in social media. In his short speech, he pointed out that there are “coffins on wheels” on Polish roads.

Two women died in the accidentPolice in Olsztyn

“Everyone talks about speeding, bravado, cell phones, drunk drivers. But we forget about it, my dear ones, that there are caskets on wheels on our roads. It was a confrontation between a safe car and a coffin on wheels. that’s why these women died, “he said on the video.

The lawyer also advised others not to “buy a car for three thousand.” “Isn’t it better to take a loan? Borrow money from someone? Wait? Collect it? And buy a safe car?” – he said on the recording.

A wave of indignation

The video was recorded as part of a short report, before its deletion, fragments were copied and shared on other profiles. He generated a wave of negative comments. Sebastian Kaleta, Deputy Minister of Justice, among others, referred to the recording. He stated that the statements of the lawyer from Lodz were “shocking”. The deputy minister informed that he had ordered the analysis of the secured recording in terms of disciplinary liability.

The deputy minister of justice referred to the case

The case was referred to by its dean, attorney Sylwester Redeł, in a statement published on the website of the District Bar Council. He noted that the words of the lawyer from Lodz shocked the environment.

“Such statements about the tragedy do not suit any man. An advocate must show a sense of deep empathy in everyday life and in the course of professional work, especially understanding the suffering of families and relatives who have died in an accident. Therefore, we express our firm objection and no acceptance for this kind of statements “- we read in the dean’s position.

He emphasized that the discipline spokesman of the Bar Association immediately initiated – after reading the content of the recording – disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer from Łódź.

Attorney Anna Mrożewska, spokesman of the District Bar Council, tells tvn24.pl that the case will now be thoroughly checked. – The disciplinary commissioner may then refer the indictment to an independent disciplinary court. He may impose a reprimand and reprimand against the lawyer. There are also stricter measures: a lawyer may be required to pay twelve times the average earnings in Poland, may be suspended from practicing for three months to five years. The harshest possible penalty is expulsion from the profession – says lawyer Mrożewska.

It emphasizes that separate proceedings will be conducted in the matter of possible disciplinary liability for causing a fatal accident.

– It is independent of the criminal proceedings. However, it may be suspended until the end of the case before the court – emphasizes the spokeswoman of the District Bar Council.


After the publication of the information about the initiation of disciplinary proceedings, the attorney expressed regret, also via social media. The lawyer apologized for “using wrong words”. At night, Paweł K. posted a statement on his profile in social media, in which he wrote: “under the influence of emotions, I recorded a report in which I used the wrong words. I sincerely apologize for these statements to the families of the victims and all those who were offended by my statements and shocked. outraged. ” In a statement posted on social media overnight, lawyer Paweł K. assured: “It has never been my intention to blame the accident on the fatalities in the older generation car.” He assured that he was praying for the victims of the accident, their families and relatives.

We tried to contact the attorney many times, but he did not answer the phone.

Putting responsibility on the victims

Kuba Bielak, an expert of TVN Turbo, points out that the lawyer’s recording is part of a wider problem, which is “victim blaming”, that is, blaming the injured.

– This is a desperate attempt to blame the people who suffered the incident. People who use such a procedure look for actions that – in their opinion – caused the misfortune. This proves a thoughtless perception of reality. It is also an additional blow for the families of the victims who are going through the worst time in their lives – Bielak emphasizes.

“Victim blaming” is a phenomenon that goes beyond road incidents. An example of blame is the remarks directed at victims of sexual violence that their defiant appearance provoked a crime.

– We need to be clear: women who lost their lives had the right to drive an older vehicle. They just wanted to get there. The fact that someone tries to even insinuate that they are responsible for this terrible tragedy is simply meanness – emphasizes Kuba Bielak.

The tragedy happened on Sunday afternoon

Main photo source: Police in Olsztyn

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