Bartosz Węglarczyk on the visa scandal


Law and Justice will do everything to sweep it under the carpet, says the editor-in-chief of the Onet portal, referring to journalists’ findings about the visa scandal. – It’s not about money, obviously someone was making a lot of money selling visas to these people. But this is about Poland’s security, he added.

– What we managed to establish is that the visa scandal obviously concerns visas, but above all, we took it to a completely different level – said Węglarczyk. And he added: – Law and Justice politicians are so terrified of this scandal because it is not simply about illegal migration. But it concerns security relations with the United States.

As he noted, “you could enter Mexico for a Schengen visa, which you got from the Polish consulate, and then illegally cross the Mexican border with USAwhich thousands of people probably do every day.

– Now let’s imagine the situation at the end when the FBI tracks down a terrorist in the United States and determines that this man illegally crossed the Mexican-American border, but entered Mexico legally on a Schengen visa issued to him by the Polish embassy – said the journalist.

“Filmmakers” from India

Asked about pressure from officials Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and who played the “first violin in this matter”, replied: – Two people played the first violin there: the first one was, of course, the deputy minister, former foreign affairs minister, Mr. Wawrzyk. But there was this gentleman, a young activist from the Law and Justice area, who received a lot of money from the government to build a foundation and some social activities. And at the same time, due to his acquaintance with Mr. Wawrzyk, he pressed for bringing film crews, these famous filmmakers, to Poland from India.

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As he added, “it turned out that these ‘filmmakers’ had never made a film in their lives, but they were supposed to get a visa.” – When they received a single-use visa to enter Poland once, Mr. Wawrzyk intervened and said: no, no, they must get a multiple-use visa. Because only such visas allow entry to Mexico. One-off Schengen does not authorize – he explained.

He stated that the Americans were on the trail of this network because they have a service in the Department of State that sends people around the world, looking for networks to transfer to the USA. – And agents of this service found out about the network from India. And suddenly they realized that this net from India looked exactly like that. Polish Consulate, multiple-use Schengen visa, Mexico, and then the desert to the United States. They alerted the Poles and that’s how the whole scandal broke out – the journalist further described.

A scandal that “strikes the national security of the United States”

– I think this is an incredibly big scandal. This is a scandal that affects the national security of the United States. Our ally who guarantees our safety. What do we imagine would happen if something happened in the middle of the US election campaign and the US media revealed this information? What do we think would happen? – he commented.

As he assessed, Law and Justice “however, he will do everything to sweep this scandal under the carpet.” – Because this is an incredibly difficult scandal for them – he said. – It’s not about money, obviously someone was making a lot of money selling visas to these people. But this is about Poland’s security, he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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