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Bartoszyce. They were conducting a speed check and were visited by an unexpected guest. “He was fawning and purring”

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In Bartoszyce, police officers conducting speed control were visited by a cat. He got into the police car “as if he had known this place for a long time, he was fawning and purring.” Just as he suddenly appeared, he disappeared.

– Police officers were checking speed in Bartoszyce in one of the housing estates. They stood at the entrance, right next to the road. At some point, a cat came to them – says Deputy Commissioner Marta Kabelis, press officer of the Bartoszyce police, in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The cat first decided to reconnoiter the area. He circled the police car and then jumped inside. – He was walking around the police car. The police had their windows open, so he jumped inside at first. He screamed, screamed and left, the policewoman reports.

Bartoszyce. The cat visited the policemen

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He adds that the “purr” didn't allow himself to be touched. He later jumped onto the window of the police car because he wanted to get inside again. This time it was ineffective.

The cat made the service of policemen from Bartoszyce more pleasantKPP in Bartoszyce

– He sat for a while, observed the road and went somewhere – like a cat – on its own path – concludes Deputy Commissioner Kabelis.

Main photo source: KPP in Bartoszyce

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