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Baszkówka, Masovia. Słupkoza along the sidewalk in a remote area. Officials translate

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One of the most famous Polish meteorites fell in Baszkówka near Piaseczno 30 years ago. Today, the town may become famous for the “post” on the sidewalk, which is crossed by an average of one person every half an hour. White and red posts are placed densely over a length of about a kilometer. Who should they protect and against what?

Baszkówka, just over 10 kilometers from Piaseczno. The village became famous for the fact that on August 25, 1994, one of the most beautiful meteorites in the world fell here.

“On a hot afternoon, just before 4 p.m., a loud, whistling noise could be heard coming from near the zenith. A resident of Baszkówka, who was working in the field at that time, raised her head and noticed the ground flying up two hundred meters from her. She called her brother-in-law and his son. The men found a hole in the ground with a diameter of 1.5 meters, around which circles had formed. In the hole, at a depth of about 25 centimeters, there was still a slightly warm stone,” we read on the official website of the commune office.

The 15-kilogram meteorite was named “Baszkówka” after the place where it fell. It is currently stored at the Geological Institute in Warsaw.

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Baszkówka meteorite Piaseczno Commune Office

“Słupkoza” along the sidewalk

What can the town be famous for today? While driving along Wierzbowa Street, tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Tomasz Zieliński noticed a row of bollards. Google Maps photos from 2013 show that there was no sidewalk there yet. The street was rebuilt in the fall of 2022, a sidewalk was added, along with densely placed bollards. It is true that there are houses nearby, but – as Zieliński describes – when he was there for half an hour, he saw only one person. – It’s a remote area – he says directly. Despite this, bollards were placed on a distance of about a kilometer.

According to the latest data from the Piaseczno commune from 2022, Baszkówka has 618 inhabitants. At the office, we ask why such a density of bollards in a place where no more than a dozen people pass by each day? Whom and against what are they supposed to protect?

– The posts are an element separating the sidewalk from the adjacent ditch. According to the regulations, with a specific ditch depth and slope inclination, there is a requirement to provide this type of protection. The investment regarding the reconstruction of Wierzbowa Street, including the construction of a sidewalk and drainage, was carried out in accordance with the project prepared by the Piaseczno commune and approved by the Piaseczno district – explained Joanna Ferlian-Tchórzewska, spokeswoman for the Piaseczno city and commune office.

To prevent pedestrians from falling into the ditch

How deep is the ditch? – The road investment department informed us that the U-12b posts placed on a part of the road are an element separating the sidewalk from the ditch. In this section, the height of the slope is over a meter and, in accordance with the regulations, the contractor was obliged to use an element protecting pedestrians against falling into the ditch – explained Łukasz Wyleziński, director of the Promotion and Culture Office of the Piaseczno commune.

He added that the technical acceptance of the investment, i.e. “the reconstruction of Wierzbowa Street consisting of the construction of a sidewalk and drainage, was carried out in October 2022”. – The investment was carried out in accordance with the project and agreed with both the road manager and the traffic manager – he assured.

After the answers provided by the officials, our reporter went to Wierzbowa Street again. As he admitted, the elevation is actually over one meter.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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