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Bavarian Alps, Zugspitze. The Pole ran away from rescuers because he had no insurance and was afraid of the bill

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Two Polish climbers got stuck in the Bavarian Alps while descending the Zugspitze summit in difficult weather conditions, local media reported. The men called for help. However, when they showed up, one of the climbers decided to run away. Reason? He didn’t have mountain insurance.

Two Poles climbed the Zugspitze, the highest mountain peak in Germany, at the weekend. The mountain is located on the German-Austrian border. During the descent, the weather worsened and the men spent the night in the Stopselzieher trail area. The next day, however, the weather conditions did not improve, and one of the climbers suffered a knee injury. Then the Poles decided that they would call mountain rescuers for help. The story of the unusual course of the action was described in the local media.

“We set out with 15 people and took the Zugspitze cable car to the top, which is under renovation but can still be used when needed,” said Riccardo Mizio, a mountain rescuer from the municipality of Ehrwald in Austrian Tirol. The rescuers descended 300 meters from the top to the place where the Poles were camped.

Bavarian Alps. The pursuit of a Pole

When they got there, it turned out that one of the Poles had departed. The 31-year-old man decided to go down on his own. The second, 41-year-old, with a knee injury, stayed and waited for the arrival of rescuers. They did not give up their intention to help also the 31-year-old. After a short chase, they reached the man. He was completely exhausted. As he explained, he ran away because he was afraid that he did not have mountain insurance and would have to pay a high bill for the rescue operation.

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“It wasn’t until I told him he wouldn’t get the bill that he came with me,” said Riccardo Mizio. The rescue operation was successful and both men were brought safely from the top.

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