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BBC confirms they use HIV in COVID-19 vaccines? This is an old joke

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According to popular social media posts, the British public television BBC reported that the HIV virus is used to produce COVID-19 vaccines. This is a misleading claim that has been circulating online for almost two years.

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“The BBC admits that they use the HIV virus to produce Covid vaccines!!” – we read in fasting with published on December 1 on X.com. Similar posts appeared on the same day and the next day in several entries on Facebook. “The BBC reports that they are injecting the HIV virus into the production of Covid injections” – we read in one of the entries (original spelling of all posts).

Both entries are accompanied by the same short recording. The video appears to be part of a documentary. It begins with a short statement from a man. “It holds it together and allows it to stay 100 percent in that structure that is present on the surface of the virus,” he says to the camera, gesturing (translated from English – ed.).

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We then see an animation showing the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its spike protein. In the background we hear a narrator’s voice: “The shape of the coronavirus spike protein before the virus comes into contact with ours [ludzkimi] cells triggers the strongest protective antibody response. So Keith has to create the spike protein in the lab, giving it the exact same shape by adding another protein that acts a bit like a clamp. This protein is a small fragment of the HIV virus.” In the upper left corner of the frame, from the beginning to the end of the material, you can see the logo of the British broadcaster BBC.

Misleading posts published on December 1, 2023 on X.com and Facebook x.com, facebook.com

Some Internet users were skeptical about the message. “Enter source”; “Unfortunately, in the age of AI, no video material is evidence anymore. Now, at least before we can, let’s link sources to sources,” they wrote.

“Many explanations”; “In Russia, there was a significant increase in HIV infections, especially in the new republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and there the elixir was apparently obligatory for everyone”; “And when we talked about it left and right, they laughed at us and said we were crazy, so now I don’t feel sorry for all those who got shot. I only feel sorry for the children because it was their parents who prepared this hell for them,” they commented. recording others.

The message and video material are not new – they circulated on Polish and English-language social media in… February 2022 year. Then they were verified by fact-checking editorial offices – British Full Fact and Logically Facts in Ireland. American agency Reuters, described the case in October 2023. According to them, the message is false.

Excerpt from a 2021 BBC documentary about a vaccine that never went into mass production

It turns out that the video in the posts is a real clip BBC documentary Fri “Horizon Special: The Vaccine”, which premiered in June 2021. He talks how five different research teams from around the world worked to create an effective vaccine against COVID-19. These were the scientists behind vaccines from Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, China’s Sinopharm and the University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia.

The man in the video circulating on social media is prof. Keith Chappell from the University of Queensland. In the BBC documentary, prof. Chappell explained how his team developed their COVID-19 vaccine. It uses a spike protein similar to those found on the surface of the coronavirus. The spike protein was stabilized with a small piece of HIV protein designed to keep the spike protein in its form to trigger a stronger immune response.

The vaccine developed by scientists from an Australian university was never mass produced. In December 2020, it turned out that study participants who received the vaccine tested positive for HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus. This happened because the vaccine developed antibodies against the HIV virus. Such results were false positive and study participants they were not infected HIV virus. The UQ team then abandoned further work and research on the vaccine, and the Australian government decided to cancel its production (in September 2020 signed contract for the production of 51 million doses of the vaccine).

The problem and the abandonment of work on the Australian vaccine in December 2020 were reported by global media, including the agency Reuterseditors “The New York Times“, “The Guardian” and BBC Newsand in Poland “Republic“, Polsat News and Polish Press Agency. This was also discussed in the BBC documentary.

In COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in European Union and United States there are no fragments of the HIV virus.

Work on a new version of the Australian vaccine without HIV protein

In March 2023, Australian public news service ABC News informed that researchers from the University of Queensland are looking for volunteers for the second phase of testing of a new version of the vaccine. Professor Chappell explained to the ABC that in the new version of the vaccine, fragments of the HIV protein have been replaced by “a small sequence of amino acids with similar properties”.

HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus. Untreated HIV infection can lead to AIDS, i.e. acquired immune deficiency syndrome. HIV can be infected in three ways: through disruption of tissue continuity (e.g. through unsterile medical equipment such as needles and syringes previously used by other HIV-infected people); unprotected sexual contact with an infected person or as a child from the mother during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Let us remind you that in May 2023, the Konkret24 editorial office she verified misleading claim that 50 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine were recalled because they produced false positive HIV test results. This message also applied to the Australian vaccine.

In December 2021 we described false theory that COVID-19 vaccines allegedly cause a new disease called “VAIDS”, i.e. “vaccination-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”.

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