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BBC. Sofia Sapiega could be sentenced to six years in prison

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Sofia Sapiega, partner of the oppositionist and co-creator of the Nexta channel, Raman Pratasiewicz, may be sentenced to six years in prison. The Belarusian Investigative Committee brought final charges against her. The case will soon go to court in Minsk, the Russian section of the BBC informed, citing its own sources.

The Russian woman Sofia Sapiega was charged under the provisions of the Belarusian Penal Code referring to “incitement to hostility”. She is facing six years in prison, she reported on Sunday on the BBC Telegram channel.


According to interlocutors of the British broadcaster, Sapieg is “in a serious mental state, she is depressed and confused, she has problems falling asleep at night”. – Only after the court verdict will it be possible to apply for her extradition to Russia. The president of Belarus may also pardon her, said the BBC lawyer Anton Gaszynski, representing the family of Raman Pratasiewicz’s partner.

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Arrest in my parents’ apartment

According to BBC sources, Sapiega was summoned to the Belarusian Investigative Committee on Friday to conduct investigative measures. Since October, the Russian woman has been under house arrest in the Belarusian city of Lida, in her parents’ apartment, where she is registered. The parents were forced to move out of the apartment. They have not had contact with their daughter since mid-October, the BBC reported.

– From the words of the consul and lawyer I can say about her condition – she is mentally crushed by the accusation that has been brought against her. She did not expect it, it was a blow for her. At least six years is, of course, a disaster for us as well, Sapiega’s stepfather Sergei Dudich told Echo Moskvy to the radio. – We were hoping that there would be no trial, only extradition to Russia. But apparently something went wrong, ‘added the man.

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Stopped after the forcible landing of the plane

Sofia Sapiega, a citizen of the Russian Federation, partner of an opposition activist, blogger and co-creator of the Nexta Raman Pratasiewicz news channel, was detained with him on May 23, when the Belarusian authorities forced the crew of a passenger plane flying to Vilnius to land in Minsk. Sapiega and Pratasiewicz rested in Greece. They boarded the Ryanair plane at the Athens airport. They were both imprisoned by the KGB in Minsk. The court rejected the complaint of the Russian woman’s defenders regarding her detention.

The BBC recalled that initially Sapiega was accused of “organizing mass riots and grossly violating public order”, for which she could face up to 15 years in prison.

In June, independent Belarusian media reported that Sapiega and Pratasewicz had been transferred from the Minsk remand center to house arrest. During this time, the Russian woman met her parents at least twice. She also spoke to them regularly on the phone until mid-October.

In September, Sapiega’s detention was extended to December 25, her mother Anna Dudicz told the BBC. Where Raman Pratasiewicz is now, BBC sources do not know, the British broadcaster reported in a Sunday publication.

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