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Bedoes, Dawid Podsiadło, Szczyl. Artists appeal to young people to participate in the elections

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They stay away from politics on a daily basis. They write lyrics, sing, rap, give concerts. Also on opener. Famous Polish artists do not say who to vote for – they say: “go to the elections”. The turnout among young people is the lowest of all social groups, and they should arrange the world for themselves.

Participants of the Open’er Festival 2023 could watch a unique spot during the event, in which the artists encouraged them to take part in the elections. “We need to wake up and understand that this is the moment. These choices are the choices that can determine our future. Not only about the next months and about the next term, but about the whole generation – explains Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak, climate activist, Initiative “East”. The premiere of the spot with the participation of such stars as Taco Hemingway, Szczyl, Dawid Podsiadło or Bedoes is the first installment of a larger pro-turnout campaign prepared by young people for young people before the elections. – These are people who actually do not talk about political topics on a daily basis, so if they already talk about these topics, it means that each of us should – believes Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak.

Open’er Festival 2023 is about to beginTVN24

Young to young

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Open’er Festival is a musical festival that has been attracting young people for over 20 years. That is why the activists from the “East” Initiative are waiting there by the symbolic urn and inviting you to fill in the questionnaires, in which they ask not for whom, but for what you vote. According to the latest citizen survey, the turnout among people under 39 is the lowest at only 47 percent. For comparison, among voters over 60, it is as much as 76 percent. This means that if nothing changes, the next government will be chosen by young Poles, mostly by their parents and grandparents.

– We always say that you have to go (to the elections – editor’s note). You can’t just give them permission to care about the interests of the party, not our lives – adds Dominika Lasota, climate activist, Initiative “Wschód”. The same as Dominika says at the festival Jakub – a law student and activist of the “Młoda Polska” Association and Dominik – a future farmer from the village of Trzepnica in the Piotrków district. I’m going to vote because every vote counts. Nowadays, something needs to be changed, you cannot stand idly by – explains Dominik Terka, Forum Młodych Ludowców.

– There is no substantive, serious debate on education for young people. And this is something we are interested in – emphasizes Jakub Marciniak, an activist of the “Młoda Polska” Association. The mayor of Warsaw faced questions from the participants of the festival. The organizers are moving further into Poland with their action in the following weeks.

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