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Before the vote on the referendum bill. KO and Poland 2050 deputies with motions for rejection

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The Sejm will vote on Friday on the draft amendment to the act on the national referendum. Members of the Civic Coalition and Poland 2050 submitted motions to reject the draft changes. He was also criticized by the Left and the Polish People’s Party. Law and Justice defended the new solutions.

The draft amendment to the Act on the National Referendum is intended to enable a national referendum to be held on the same day as parliamentary, presidential or European Parliament elections by, above all, standardizing voting hours, i.e. from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The intention to hold the referendum together with the parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn was confirmed by the prime minister on Monday Mateusz Morawiecki.

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Ast (PiS): The entire political class should care about a high turnout in the referendum

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During the parliamentary debate, Marek Ast (PiS) announced that his club supports the proposed new regulations. As he said, there is an absolute possibility of holding parliamentary elections and a national referendum on the same day. – We can imagine that if the high chamber ordered any referendum this year, based on the regulations in force, such a referendum could be held on the same day as the parliamentary elections – noted Ast.

As he added, the project is technical and adaptive. – The entire political class should care that the turnout is high, so that the results of the referendum are binding. All the more referendums on European matters. Whenever this referendum could be combined with parliamentary elections, we should all care about this happening, because it gives the opportunity to increase the turnout. This is also the purpose and intention of the proposed changes – he stressed PiS MP.

Myrcha (KO): this referendum is to be only a substitute topic

Arkadiusz Myrcha (KO) reacted negatively to the draft, who submitted a motion to reject the draft in the second reading. – This is not a technical project. This is a purely political project, which is to strive for PiS to organize a referendum in Poland instead of parliamentary elections. PiS is afraid to submit to the verdict of the Poles, has nothing to offer them, does not want to talk about programs, assessed the KO MP.

In his opinion, the referendum proposed by PiS is supposed to concern a problem that does not exist. He noted that all political forces in Poland are unanimously against the forced relocation of migrants. – That is why this referendum is to be only a substitute topic, because PiS wants to get away from current topics – added Myrcha.

Session of the Sejm PAP/Piotr Nowak

Żukowska (Left): This change is to give PiS electoral fuel

According to Anna Żukowska, a member of the Left, from the legislative point of view, this is a technical project. – But it appears at a specific time, a few months before the election. It appears so that PiS can use it in the election. For 20 years, these regulations did not bother anyone. This change is to give PiS electoral fuel. This is a shameful goal because two political forces, I regret, have started to exchange disgusting, xenophobic, Islamophobic insinuations about immigrants and refugees, argued the MP.

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Paszyk (PSL): PiS breaks the custom of legislative silence before elections

Krzysztof Paszyk (PSL) asked: – What happened that PiS suddenly fell in love with referendums? I will tell you what happened. Fear enveloped you. Hypocrisy knows no bounds. As he noted, there was an unwritten custom that half a year before the elections, the so-called legislative silence. – You are breaking one of the last good habits that have been respected for many years – he addressed PiS deputies. He announced that PSL would not support this project.

Urbaniak (Konfederacja) calls for five detailed questions during the referendum

Confederation MP Michał Urbaniak admitted that the change “is quite technical”. At the same time, he called for the referendum ballot paper to contain five detailed questions on migration, for example, about benefits for migrants, and not “one question – biased”.

Zimoch (Poland 2050): a change would be nice, but the other way around

According to Tomasz Zimoch (Poland 2050), the project is unacceptable because it is being processed three months before the election date. – Basically, we are in favor of asking citizens more often through referendums, but we are not in favor of linking referendums with parliamentary elections. A change would be useful, but in the other direction, i.e. prohibiting such a combination – he assessed. He filed a motion to reject the project in its entirety.

The Deputy Marshal of the Sejm, Małgorzata Gosiewska (PiS), proposed that, despite motions to be rejected, the bill should not be sent back to the committee, but that these motions should be resolved immediately in voting. In connection with the objection raised, the issue of possible referral of the draft to the committee will also be resolved in a vote.

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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