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Behind the wheel a 16-year-old, drunk father in the passenger seat

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The 16-year-old was driving the car, his father was in the passenger seat. The boy can’t have a right yet, so he’s going to go to family court now. His father was drunk. He is threatened with a penalty for making the car available to a person without a driving license.

Traffic policemen on ul. Pułtusk in Wyszków, they detained the Audi driver for road control.

– It turned out that he is 16 years old and for obvious reasons does not have a driving license. His father was in the passenger seat. The policemen immediately smelled alcohol on the man. The breathalyser showed almost three per mille – informs com. Damian Wroczyński, press officer of the Wyszków police.

The teenager was sober. The father explained to uniformed officers that he was aware that his son had no qualifications. Nevertheless, he decided to make the car available to him

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Minors will also suffer the consequences

– Often among young people there is a belief that they will not suffer any consequences if they drive a car without a driving license, because they cannot get penalty points. Such thinking is wrong – Kom. Damian Wroczyński points out. – The regulations clearly state that anyone who drives a vehicle without a license is subject to a fine. In a situation where a minor is behind the wheel, the case goes to the family court. In such cases, the court may order a driving ban until the age of 21.

The consequences are also borne by a person who allows a minor to get behind the wheel, or a person who does not have a license.

Article 96 The owner, holder, user or driver of a vehicle who, on a public road, in a residential zone or in a traffic zone, allows: 2. a person who does not have the required permissions to drive a vehicle, is subject to a fine.

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