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Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko orders purges in the KGB. He mentioned Poland

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Lukashenko held a meeting with the chairman KGB Ivan Tertel and two other uniformed officers whose names were not disclosed by the state press service. The dictator informed them about personnel changes in the services. As he emphasized, the main reason was the issue of information about “paid protection”which was used against some entrepreneurs.

The Belarusian leader emphasized that although such situations occur in many countries around the world, it “should not happen” in his country. At the same time, he called on the KGB and other intelligence services to they didn't forget about the fight also with internal problems.

Aleksandr Lukashenko announces changes in the services. He talks about the threat from Poland

During the meeting, the dictator also spoke to Tertel in context alleged external threats to Belarus. He said that the biggest problem in the coming months would be “Poles, Lithuanians and Latvians”who do not appreciate the visa-free regime and the hospitality of the authorities in Minsk “they respond with information wars and the deployment of sabotage groups.”

– Our country must be exposed immediately with your hands and mind all kinds of tricks and negative trends. It is necessary to stop the activities of foreign secret services on the territory of Belarus, he said.

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As he added, Poles, Lithuanians and Latvians – taking advantage of the visa-free zone – are trying to wage not only an information war against us, but also a war of subversive groups. We see how they are preparing armed units of various shapesto invade the territory of Belarus, he added.

Belarusian propaganda about Poland. “Attempts to change the regime”

The subject of the alleged threat from Polish to a permanent element of Lukashenko's propaganda. Our country is one of the elements of the Belarusian defense doctrine published a few weeks ago. “Conditions are being created for independent implementation of ambitions, without relying on military potential NATO. The consequence of such steps is an increase in the aggressiveness of the policy of the authorities of Poland and the Baltic countries, shaping the image of an enemy from the Republic of Belarus in favor of their internal political interests,” we read in the document.

As added, “Poland's claims to regional leadership and confrontational policy of the Baltic countries determine the tendency for their open interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus.” “Deliberate attempts are being made changing the constitutional system of the Republic of Belarus and bringing Western-controlled political forces to power by implementing 'color revolution' scenarios,” the regime said.

The document also emphasized that “failure to achieve the goals of these scenarios increases the likelihood of switching to brutal methods leading to internal armed conflict in the Republic of Belarus.”

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