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Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko's health problems? Announcement of rest

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The Minsk satrap spoke about his upcoming plans during his speech on the occasion of the “Kupala” concert. Summing up his activity on the international stage, he admitted that July is “one of the most difficult months in the presidential work” among other things, through the beginning of the harvest and the large number of responsibilities associated with it.

Lukashenko announced that he would soon be staying in the east of the country, in Vitebsk. At the same time, he suggested that due to the number of events will need rest and a reduction in political activitybecause in the next few weeks “the work will be very difficult.”

Several hours before the speech in Vitebsk, journalists from the Russian opposition newsroom of Dozhd television spoke about the health of the Belarusian dictator. According to Mikhail Fishman, who obtained information from anonymous sources, during the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Astana the politician's condition “began to deteriorate rapidly“.

– The next day, on Thursday, he spoke at the summit, met with heads of state, but he looked worse than two days ago and the day before, when he took part in a parade in Minsk in a military jacket. The face was pale and shiny, the speech was not very confident – he argued.

According to another person who observed Lukashenko's behavior in Kazakhstanthe Minsk satrap “is really sick and is coping with his illness very hard.”

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Is Aleksandr Lukashenko ill? Problems with movement and obesity

The topic of the health problems of the Belarusian dictator is nothing new. About the diseases that plague Alexander Lukashenkohe said on the Political Channel, Belarusian journalist Siarhei Pielasa.

Alaksandr Lukashenka has health problems and it is visible in the recordings. His press service, press spokeswoman try to select the video so that it is not visible. It is known that he has a problem with one of his legs, probably more with the knee. Every time he climbs the stairs, it is clearly visible – he argued.

– There is a recording showing him struggling to climb the stairs in a palace in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was revealed by local media, not by Lukashenko's press service. (…) It is also clear that he is becoming increasingly obese, gaining weight significantly – he added.

According to Pielasa, there are many rumours circulating about the dictator's health, especially when he disappears from the media for some time.

– This information should be taken seriously, but one should not follow the sensationalism. It doesn't mean he'll die tomorrowwhether they will take him to the hospital – a Belarusian journalist tones down the mood.

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