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Belarus and the Wagnerians. The US National Security Council spokesman answers the questions of “Fakty” TVN

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We are watching what is happening in Belarus very carefully – said the spokesman for the US National Security Council John Kirby on Wednesday, when asked by Marcin Wrona, the correspondent of “Fakty” TVN, about the situation related, among others, to the Wagnerians in this country. “We are in close contact with our Polish allies,” the official added.

Correspondent of “Fakty” TVN w USA On Wednesday, Marcin Wrona participated in a briefing with the spokesman of the US National Security Council. He asked him about the conclusions that the Americans draw from the subsequent intensified actions of the Alyaksandr Lukashenka regime around the eastern flank FOR THIS.

The Polish border – and therefore the NATO border – has recently been crossed by, among others, two Belarusian helicopters, Lithuania announced that it is closing two of its border points with Belarus due to the threat from the Wagnerians, and on Latvia there is a sharp increase in hybrid activities in the form of illegal attempts to cross the border. This is a reminder of what began two years ago and is still ongoing along the Polish border, when Lukashenka – in concert with Putin’s Russia – began using immigrants as a weapon, increasing tensions between Belarus and Poland.

Kirby: We are in close contact with our Polish allies

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Kirby assured on Wednesday that the situation and activities of the regime in Minsk were constantly monitored by Washington. – We are in constant contact with our NATO allies, especially on the eastern flank. We understand and share their concerns. Nothing has changed in terms of our commitment to defending our NATO allies, defending every inch of their territory.

– We are closely monitoring what is happening, we are in close contact with our Polish allies. We know it’s not rhetorical for them, it’s reality for them. They live there every day and we respect that. We take our commitments and Article 5 of NATO very seriously, he stressed.

“Fakty” TVN also asked Kirby if the moment had not come when the number of American soldiers on NATO’s eastern flank could increase. The representative of the National Security Council replied that if the need arises, the Americans will immediately start talks on this matter, reported Marcin Wrona.

Commenting on the information about the appearance of mercenaries from the Wagner Group in Belarus, as well as their activities in the entire region, Kirby admitted that the US is unable to determine exactly where and in what numbers they are.

– It is not entirely clear where exactly all these Wagnerians are. We know that some went to Belarus and others went to Africa. Probably some groups are still around Ukraine or in Ukraine itself, but we don’t really know what their numbers are. We also do not fully know what territorial threat they pose in Europe – said John Kirby.

He also noted that the issue of delivering long-range missiles to Ukraine is still in play, Marcin Wrona said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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