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Belarus. Calls to the army via SMS. A strict law was introduced

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The Act amending laws relating to national security issues was signed by Alyaksandr Lukashenko on Wednesday, but it was published on Saturday National Legal Portal.

The amendment clearly changes the rules of mobilizationand tightens existing regulations.

Belarus. Mobilization regulations were tightened. Calls to the army via SMS

As we read on the Belarusian website Zerkadło, under the new law it has been increased age of access to service – so far, those in power have allowed people to register in the army from the age of 16this limit was increased dabout the age of 17.

In addition, young citizens will be able to be summoned before a military commission not only via a paper request, but also via regular SMS. Moreover, the traditional magazine will be able to reach those called not only at home, but also wherever they are. The same rules have also been established for the duration of mobilization.

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The act also tightens penalties for evasion from conscription obligation or failure to appear at the military registration office. So far, there have been penalties for such offenses two years in prisonfrom now on they will be three years be “chemical treatment”. In addition, they will also increase several times fines, and the insubordinate will be able to receive forbidden to leave the territory Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko will have the final decision. “The list of changes is extensive”

Zerkadło emphasizes that from Saturday they will be able to be drafted into the army people of any age, under investigation prosecutorial or prisoners of penal colonies. The final decision will be up to you Aleksandra Lukashenkoand who will be able to work 'to ensure defense and security interests national”.

“There is a list of other changes quite spacious: because it was extended residence time in the reserve for privates, a change was introduced on the list entitled to refuse service during mobilization, and was also created amplification units during military registration at recruitment offices,” we read.

The portal emphasizes that most of the provisions adopted in the Act will enter into force on Sunday, April 7.

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