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Belarus. Changes for Polish drivers from July

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By 24.00 on July 2, all trailers and semi-trailers registered in Poland must be exported from the territory of Belarus – informed the State Customs Committee of Belarus.

As announced in the announcement, on July 3 at 0.00 the government regulation of June 19 this year will come into force, prohibiting the movement of trailers and semi-trailers registered in Poland within the territory of the country.

Therefore, all Polish trailers and semi-trailers must be exported from the territory Belarus until 24.00 on July 2. If such means of transport are in Belarus after this date, those who have violated the ban will be held administratively responsible.

From June 1, freight traffic on the border with Belarus in Poland was suspended for trucks, tractors, trailers, including semi-trailers, and vehicle combinations registered in the territory of Belarus and Russia.

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Closed border crossings

After closing the border crossing in Bobrowniki on February 18, the Belarusian regime introduced restrictions that prevent Polish carriers from using border crossings on the section of the border between Belarus and Lithuania and Latvia. Their vehicles are cleared only at the Kukuryki – Kozłowicze border crossing with the terminal in Koroszczyn, the only Polish-Belarusian road freight crossing currently open.

In response, Poland limited the passage through the crossing in Kukuryki. Freight traffic there is open only to vehicles registered in the Member States of the European Union in SwitzerlandIceland Norway and Liechtenstein.

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