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Belarus. Kryscina Cimanouska put her silver medal up for auction. He wants to support repressed athletes

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Athlete Kryscina Cimanouska put up a silver medal, which she won in the 2nd European Games in Minsk in 2019, for auction. The money received will be used to support athletes affected by Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s repressions.

The offer to sell the medal was posted on the eBay website. Kryscina Cimanouska informed about it on Instagram. “After the events of August 9 (2020 – ed.), A large number of athletes in Belarus suffered, so I decided to auction the medal of the 2nd European Games in order to support athletes who suffered because of their position and opinion” – wrote the runner.

Cimanouska admitted that the medal she won in the 100-meter race is for her “a very valuable memento” and that she remembers “all the emotions” associated with the victory. “I remember how it seemed that I no longer had the strength to run, but the support of the audience and her energy gave me a second breath, I felt an incredible surge of strength and ran to the finish line. It was the most emotional start in my career, to tears, tears of joy , tears of unity with people. After all, sport is what connects us “- emphasized the athlete.


Starting price and submitted bids

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The asking price for the bid was five thousand dollars. Over 20 applications were received within a few hours, and the amount exceeded $ 11,000. At the time of publication – 20,000. The auction will end in the evening of August 18.

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation, which supports athletes repressed or harassed because of their views, announced that all the money from the sale of the medal will go to her account.

Minsk’s demands and Warsaw’s reaction

Kryscina Cimanouska announced at the beginning of August that Minsk ordered to send her back home from the Olympics for criticizing the official preparations for the event. After Poland offered her help, the player went to the Polish embassy in Tokyo. The athlete received a Polish humanitarian visa, just like her husband, also an athlete ArseĊ„ Zdanewicz, who is also currently staying in Poland.

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Main photo source: eurosport

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