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Belarus. Maria Kalesnikawa underwent surgery. The oppositionist’s father was allowed a 10-minute meeting

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The father of Belarusian oppositionist Marya Kalesnikawa was allowed a brief meeting with her daughter, who underwent surgery. “He was allowed to see his daughter and see that she was alive. Masha has lost weight, she is weakened,” the political prisoner’s associates reported. The visit, which lasted 10 minutes, was attended by a doctor and prison staff.

Belarusian political prisoner Maryja Kalesnikawa was hospitalized in Gomel last week. Over there underwent surgery stomach ulcers, and then she was taken to the hospital in the penal colony, where she is still. Her father Alaksandr Kalesnikaw obtained permission to meet her for 10 minutes.

“He was allowed to see his daughter and see that she is alive. Masha has lost weight, she is weakened,” Kalesnikawa’s associates announced on Monday on Telegram, on the profile belonging to the oppositionist Viktor Babaryka.

A brief meeting was held in the presence of a doctor and prison staff.

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He will be under the care of doctors for 10 days

Last Monday, Kalesnikawa was taken in a serious condition from the colony by an ambulance. At the emergency hospital in Gomel, she underwent a surgical operation. According to her colleagues, the reason for her urgent hospitalization was perforation of a stomach ulcer.

As reported, Kalesnikawa was transported to a penal colony over the weekend. He will be under the care of doctors for 10 days.

The authorities did not provide any official information about the transfer to the hospital in Gomel. Neither the father nor the lawyer had been able to contact Kalesnikawa before. They were also not provided with information about the reason for hospitalization.

Mary Kalesnikawa – who is she?

40-year-old Kalesnikawa was an employee of Babaryka’s staff, who was not allowed to run in the presidential election in Belarus in 2020 and later sentenced to 14 years in prison for alleged financial embezzlement. After Babaryka was arrested in June 2020, Kalesnikawa joined the team of presidential candidate Swiatłana Cichanowska, who was forced to emigrate after the elections.

Kalesnikawa was detained on September 7, 2020. During an attempt by law enforcement officers to take her abroad, she allegedly destroyed her passport.

She has not been released since her arrest. Last year, she was sentenced to 11 years in prison for “calls to act against national security, conspiracy to seize power in the country, forming an extremist organization.” She is a political prisoner.

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