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Belarus. New photos from a military unit where the Wagner Group may arrive show hundreds of tents

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New satellite photos of a former military unit in the village of Cel near Osipowicze in Belarus confirm the creation of a field camp there, possibly for the Russian Wagner Group. The images show objects similar to tents, independent Belarusian media and the BBC reported on Friday.

Satellite images from June 27 this year, received by BBC Verify, show the appearance of objects resembling tents or other structures of this shape in the unit, the BBC points out. As he notes, earlier photos from June 19 show a mostly empty area in the military unit.

The June 27 image is low-resolution, and it’s hard to tell exactly what the new objects are. The images show several rows of rectangular objects that appear to be similar to tents in other military units.

Satellite images do not show any military equipment nearbyReuters, European Union/Copernicus Sentinel-2

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The Belarusian Hajun project on the Telegram website estimates the number of alleged tents at several hundred. Radio Swaboda reported that the alleged tents stand between the old buildings of the military unit and estimates their number at about 300. Satellite images do not show any military equipment in the vicinity.

The Wagner Group is not an army where “everything happens slowly”

The supposed field camp is larger than any other known on Belarus camps where Russians mobilized for the front are trained, added Radio Swaboda.

Experts disagree whether the Wagner Group could start building a field camp so quickly. Ukrainian expert Oleh Zhdanov believes that this is unlikely.

Expert Marina Miron from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London told the BBC that it was possible. The Wagner group is not an army where “everything happens slowly” – noted the expert.

Main photo source: Reuters, European Union/Copernicus Sentinel-2

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