Belarus. Official Yauhien Akhremenka liked a post on social media, he was sent to prison


Belarusian official Yauhien Akhremenko was sentenced to 15 days in prison for liking a post on social media, the Belarusian portal Gomelskaya Viasna reported. The entry he liked was considered extremist by the Belarusian authorities. The official explained that the liking happened by accident.

The website of Belarusian defenders reported about the case on Wednesday human rights from the city of Gomel – Gomelskaya Viasna. Yauhien Akhremenko, head of the sports and tourism department of the executive committee of the Zhlobin district in the south-east Belarus, liked a post on social media containing joking congratulations to Belarusian KGB officers on the occasion of “Incompetence Day”. As it turned out, Akhremenko was put on trial for this shortly afterwards.

Dangerous “like” on the Internet

It turned out that the post liked by the official was considered extremist by the Belarusian authorities, and the man was taken to court. As it was argued, the official contributed to “increasing the reach” of this post by liking it.

During the trial, the man admitted to liking the post, but explained that he did it by accident. He claimed that he was viewing the post in order to prevent illegal activities among his employees and subordinates, and he liked it by mistake – reports Gomelskaya Viasna, adding that due to the nature of the entries that the official has shared on social media so far, these translations seem to be true. Akhremenko published almost exclusively “ideologically correct” content online, such as letters from other officials, descriptions of sporting events and official meetings with the participation of Alexander Lukashenko.

Jail for liking a post

Akhremenko’s assurances, as well as his requests to take into account the fact that he is the father of three small children, did not help mitigate the sentence. The man was sentenced to 15 days in prison. Additionally, as part of the sentence, the man’s phone from which he liked the post was confiscated and he was deprived of his current position.

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