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Belarus: Poland accused by investigators. Together with Lithuania and Latvia

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The Investigative Committee of Belarus announced on Thursday that an investigation had been initiated criminal cases against Polish officials, Lithuania and Latvia.

Countries neighboring Belarus have been accused of, among other things, brutal treatment of migrants. The agency cited by Belsat reported that it was a criminal case against Polish officers there are 166 injured foreigners. In turn, when it comes to Latviathe case concerns 38 foreigners.

Belarus. Investigators accuse Poland. It's about the treatment of migrants

Reports indicate that it is currently underway investigation into three criminal cases. As noted by Belsat, state service officers from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are accused of “war propaganda”, “crimes against the security of humanity”, “intentionally causing serious damage to health”, “abandonment in danger” and even deprivation of life.

The Investigative Committee of Belarus did not disclose the names of the European officials who were on their list.

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In turn, the foreigners whom Belarusian investigators included on the list of victims included citizens of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Syria and countries on the African continent.

Radosław Sikorski talked about a “hybrid invasion”. He pointed at Lukashenko

On Wednesday, a joint conference was held in Słubice between the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski, and his German counterpart. Annaleny Baerbock. Sikorski referred to attempts by migrants who reach the Schengen area to cross the bridge in Słubice to Germany, among others. across the Polish-Belarusian border.

We need to be intellectually clear about who is the source of this problem. It is Lukashenko – said the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Radosław Sikorski he also emphasized that the self-proclaimed president of Belarus abolished visa requirements for many countries that the European Union assesses as carrying a “migration risk” in order to then “push people taking advantage of this across the border”.

In Sikorski's opinion, “the Belarusian guard forces them to try to cross the Polish, European border.” The Minister of National Defense, reserving the right to speculate, mentioned that Alyaksandr Lukashenko he hopes that he will force Poland to pay “some ransom” so that he will stop doing this. As he added, “we cannot do this.”

– We need the solidarity of the EU institutions and other member states to fight back hybrid invasion that Lukashenko prepared for us – Sikorski emphasized.

Source: Belsat, PAP, Interia

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