Belarus. Repression against opponents of Alexander Lukashenko’s regime. Paweł Łatuszka on the number of detainees


Human rights activists report over 200 detentions on January 23-24 throughout Belarus, said Pavel Latushka, a Belarusian oppositionist and former Belarusian ambassador to Poland, on social media. He also quoted the account of one of the detainees. “What is important to us is a strong European response to Lukashenko’s obscurantism,” he added.

Latushka is a Belarusian oppositionist and former ambassador Belarus in Poland, deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, head of the National Anti-Crisis Directorate. In a recording posted on social media, he spoke about further repressions against people who took part in protests against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. At the end of January, the oppositionist informed that the protests were ongoing in the country mass arrests and searchesa, whose targets include, among others, former political prisoners and their relatives.

Now he quoted the account of one of the detainees.

“At the Periodtin (prison – ed.) in Minsk, Belarus, there were many people who were detained for sending a parcel to the jail, making a transfer or writing a letter to political prisoners, of which there are now at least 1,500 in Belarus, and actually several times more. Among them most of the detainees were women, there were also elderly people aged 60-70. Four-five people were placed in solitary confinement without shoes, so people stood on the cold concrete floor until the morning, they were not given food. People were in handcuffs almost all the time, they were taken off only in a cell or in the so-called glass (a special room where you can only stand for hours). The cells were very cold and damp,” he said.

– Activists for human rights report over 200 arrests on January 23-24 throughout Belarus. This is only what was found, he said.

Latushka added that “Belarusians have been exterminated and tortured for the fourth year (in 2020, there were presidential elections in Belarus, followed by numerous repressions – ed.).” – And this is happening in Europe. In the center of Europe. What is important to us is Europe’s decisive response to Lukashenko’s obscurantism. We count on the support of Poland’s foreign ministers, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estoniaother democratic countries – he emphasized.

Main photo source: YouTube/Paweł Łatuszka

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