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Belarus, Russia. Media: Since Friday, it is not known what is happening with Lukashenko. He saw Putin on Friday

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On Friday, Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin met near Moscow. No statements were issued after the talks between the leaders of Belarus and Russia, independent Belarusian media noted on Saturday. Since Friday, it is not known what is happening to Lukashenko, writes the Nasz Niwa portal.

The Nasz Niwa portal points out that the Friday meeting started with Lukashenka’s joke with the implication that he did not come to Russia of my own free will. When Putin thanked him for coming, Lukashenko replied, “As if I could disagree!”


So far, neither the Russian nor the Belarusian side has announced how the talks ended.

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The last information on this subject concerned the official part of the meeting.

Our Niva wrote that the plane Lukashenko flew to meet Putin left Moscow on Saturday around 10:00. 14 local time and landed in the Russian Tver region. It is not known whether Lukashenko was on board.

ISW: Russia will include part of the Belarusian defense industry in its activities

The Kremlin is likely to include elements of the Belarusian defense industry in its efforts to equip the Russian army to support the prolonged war with Ukraine – assesses the American Institute for War Studies (ISW) in the latest report.

Analysts point out that Alexander Lukashenko stated on February 17 during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow that the Belarusian industry is ready to produce Su-25 aircraft for the Russian army. Lukashenko also said that the state-owned Minsk Automobile Plant started producing parts to support the Russian truck factory KAMAZ. Lukashenko also expressed his readiness to support Russia in the production of electronic components that could replace Western imports lost as a result of the sanctions.

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Meanwhile, according to the American center’s analysts, additional Su-25s and truck parts “are not essential material for the success of the long-term Russian war effort.”

According to ISW, regardless of Lukashenko’s statements, the Kremlin “may commandeer Belarusian factories and reorganize them to produce military equipment needed by the Russian army.” The center notes that Russian troops have begun to use Belarusian training grounds and local specialists to train mobilized Russians to make up for their deteriorated capabilities.

The Kremlin appears to be similarly looking to incorporate elements of the Belarusian defense industry to boost its own production as Putin seeks to revitalize the Russian defense industry to support a protracted war with Ukraine.


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