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Belarus. Siarhei Cichanouski and Sviatlana Cichanouska. New charges and a default trial

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The authorities in Minsk brought new charges against Siarhei Tsikhanovsky. The husband of the Belarusian oppositionist Sviatlana Cichanouska was accused of violating prison regulations while serving an 18-year sentence. On Tuesday, the absentee trial of Cichanouska herself, in which the regime accuses her of high treason, is to start.

Siarhei Cichanouski was arrested while attempting to run for president in the country in 2020, could face an additional two years in prison.

The 44-year-old blogger became famous for comparing Alyaksandr Lukashenko to a mustache cockroach from a children’s fairy tale. In December 2021, he was convicted on charges of organizing mass riots and inciting hatred.

In a statement, the Belarusian investigative committee accused Tsikhanouski of “provoking conflicts” in prison and of systematically disobeying orders.

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Cichanouska: my trial is a farce and Lukashenko’s revenge

“I was told that my husband Siarhei is facing a new charge. This time he is accused of not following the orders of the prison administration. I know that whatever they come up with will not break him and will not break my will to fight for the freedom of all political prisoners,” she wrote on Twitter Swiatłana Cichanouska.

– These processes are not processes at all. It’s a spectacle, it’s a farce, it has nothing to do with justice – she also commented on her absentia trial on Monday.

The leader of the Belarusian opposition is in Davos, where the annual World Economic Forum met. – This is the personal revenge of Lukashenko and his companions, not only on me, but also on his other opponents – she assessed.

The leader of the Belarusian opposition is accused by the regime in Minsk of, among other things, for high treason. It will also be judged for incitement to racial, national and religious hatred, organization of mass riots accompanied by violence against people, pogroms, arson, destruction of property or armed resistance to representatives of the authorities, and participation in them.

In addition to Cichanouska, the court in Minsk summoned on the same day and at the same time her associates – Volha Kavalkova, Paweł Łatuszka, Siarhej Dylewski and Maryja Moroz.

Protests after the elections in Belarus

Cichanouska participated in the presidential election in 2020 Belarus in them, facing Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994. The leader of Belarus, widely recognized as a dictator, was officially granted 80.1 percent. votes. Cichanouska, according to official results, received the support of 10.1 percent. voters.

The opposition considered these results to be rigged, and a wave of protests spread across the country demanding fair elections. These were the largest mass protests in the history of Belarus.

The authorities responded to the protests by civil society with large-scale repression. After the elections, Cichanouska herself was forced by the authorities to leave the country.

Main photo source: Twitter/Tsihanouskaya

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