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Belarus. The deputy commander of the Russian invasion conducted an inspection of the stationed troops

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The commander of the Russian Land Forces, General Oleg Salukov, deputy commander of the invasion of Ukraine, Valery Gerasimov, conducted an inspection of the Russian troops stationed there in Belarus, the independent portal Zerkalo.io reported. After rumors of a possible attack from Belarus, Ukraine is organizing maneuvers near the border with this country, the Voice of America portal reported.

The Zerkalo.io portal quoted a statement from the Ministry of Defense in Minsk, which informed about the visit of the commander of the Land Forces Russia General Oleg Salukov at the head of the commission of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The general inspected the Russian troops stationed at the training grounds on Belarus, which are part of the regional grouping of the troops of the Union State. Zerkalo.io noticed that almost every day there is information about Russian troops arriving in Belarus.

Valery GerasimovMurat Kula/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

General Salukov commands the Land Forces, which are the most numerous among the types of troops of the Russian armed forces. The defense ministry in Moscow said on Wednesday that the general would be one of the deputies new invasion commander Ukrainewhich was General Gerasimov – chief of the general staff of Russia.

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The Ukrainian army conducts a simulation of defense against an attack from Belarus

The Voice of America portal reported that after rumors of a possible attack from Belarus, Ukraine is organizing maneuvers near the border with this country.

Ukraine fears that the Russians may again try to attack from the north and even try to capture Kiev, as they did at the beginning of the invasion last February. By reopening the northern front, Russia could force Ukrainian forces to send some troops there that have been engaged in fighting in the east and south for months, the portal wrote.

Ukrainian armyMinistry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

As reported, the Ukrainians are conducting a simulation of defense against an attack from Belarus in three classified locations in the north-west of Ukraine.

– They can try, but we are ready for them (…). There will be huge resistance from every building – said Colonel Roman Wołoszczuk from the 104th Territorial Defense Brigade. Soldiers from his unit assured that they were well prepared to face any new threat. They practiced urban combat, firing assault rifles, maneuvering armored vehicles, and simulating hostage releases. In another exercise, in a snowy village, ambushes and destruction of enemy reconnaissance groups were simulated.

The buildup of Russian troops in Belarus

Russian forces have been on the defensive for months, and a sudden attack from Belarus could mean a surprising shift in the dynamics of events.

As he reminded, a slow build-up of Russian troops can be observed in Belarus, but they are significantly smaller compared to the forces that entered northern Ukraine last February. However, some experts believe that a Russian offensive is possible, and that the start of fighting in western Ukraine could threaten arms supplies from Europe.

Russia and Belarus are strengthening the joint grouping of troops Reuters

In Kiev, General Serhiy Nayev, commander of the Joint Armed Forces of Ukraine, said on Thursday that Ukraine was “increasing its defense capabilities” on the border with Belarus. Currently, there is no direct threat to Ukraine, the commander assessed the situation, quoted by the Suspilne portal. The units of the Belarusian army stationed along the border with Ukraine “have not changed, neither numerically nor qualitatively,” Nayev added.

Ukrainian commanders estimate that there are currently 15,000 Russian troops in Belarus, but there are too few of them to carry out a large-scale offensive against Ukraine.

Main photo source: Alexander Polyakov / Russian Look / Forum

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