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Belarus. The maneuvers of troops before the Zapad-2021 exercises have started

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Communications troops maneuvers, which will last until September 2, began in Belarus on Thursday. According to the Ministry of Defense, this is one of the stages of preparations for the Zapad-2021 strategic maneuvers between Russia and Belarus.

“It can already be said that the organized communication system has greater momentum than the one that operated during the Zapad-2017 maneuvers. The maneuvers include communication lines not only with nodes in Belarus, but also with the nodes of the ODKB (Collective Security Treaty Organization) ), The Baltic Fleet, the staff of the Western Military District, “the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported.


The Zapad-2021 strategic maneuvers will be held on September 10-16 at the training grounds in Belarus and Russia. On July 22, the first train with soldiers from Russia reached Brest near the Polish-Belarusian border. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced that approximately 200,000 soldiers and 80 aircraft and helicopters would take part in this year’s maneuvers. 760 units of equipment will be involved, including 290 tanks and 15 ships.

Belarusian military during exercises in 2017PAP / EPA

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Exercises at training grounds in Brest Oblast

12.8 thousand people are to take part in the Belarusian part of the exercises. military, including 2.5 thousand. Russians. 50 soldiers from Kazakhstan will also participate in them.

In Belarus, the exercises will take place on training grounds in the Brest Oblast in the western part of the country, including near the border with Poland. These are the following training grounds: Obóz-Lesnowski, Domanowski, Brzeski and the Różański airfield.

In Russia, the exercise site will be the Western Military District. It includes the Kaliningrad Oblast bordering Poland, regions bordering Belarus, the center of the European part of the country with Moscow, and the northwest with St. Petersburg.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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