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Belarus. The “Miracle on the Vistula” fresco painted over. MFA spokesman Łukasz Jasina: we condemn the destruction of Polish cultural heritage

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The fresco “Miracle on the Vistula” in one of the churches in the Grodno region of Belarus was painted over. “We condemn the destruction of Polish cultural heritage in Belarus by Lukashenko’s regime,” said Lukasz Jasina, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Years ago, the work was already destroyed once. The fresco was later restored.

“We condemn the destruction of Polish cultural heritage on Belarus by the Lukashenko regime. This heritage is an integral part of the history of Belarus. Its destruction is unworthy and against the rules of the civilized world,” Jasina wrote on Tuesday afternoon on social media.

The fresco was supposed to incite “national and religious hatred”

According to the independent portal Zerkalo.io, in the town of Soły in western Belarus, a fresco “Miracle on the Vistula” was painted over at the request of the authorities in a Catholic church. It was established shortly after the Battle of Warsaw in 1920.

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Independent Belarusian opposition journalist Tadeusz Giczan wrote on Twitter that the 100-year-old fresco “according to state media ‘calls to incite national and religious hatred'”. He also published photos of the fresco before and after painting and the church itself.

The painting, which is located in the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, was previously criticized on Belarusian state television. Journalist Ksenia Lebedeva said in a program broadcast in December that the work incites “national and religious hatred.”

Not the first fresco destruction. “That’s how it was in communist times”

On the other hand, the Katolik.info website reported that the fresco had already been painted over once in the past – in Soviet times. After the collapse of the USSR, the work at the altar was restored and consecrated again.

This was already the case in communist times, but later a work depicting a battle in which Russian aggression was stopped by Polish armypreventing the spread of the Bolshevik atheist regime, was restored,” the portal wrote.

Main photo source: Twitter/@TadeuszGizan

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