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Belarus. They walked with bags full of sweets, they panicked at the sight of the police car

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The men, carrying bags filled to the brim at night, fell into a panic when they saw the police car and started to run away. They later admitted that they had stolen everything. They had mostly sweets and coffee in their bags

After midnight, on April 20, the guards patrolling Białołęka noticed nervously looking men carrying full bags on Ekspresowa Street. Seeing the police car, they sped up their pace, trying to get away. The guards blocked their way.

“After a short conversation, the men admitted that the articles in the bags – several dozen chocolates, several packets of coffee and several packages of chocolates – come from shoplifting, which they are the perpetrators of,” the Warsaw city guards said in a statement.

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Theft or misdemeanor

The guards handed over the 27-year-old and the 34-year-old, along with their loot, to the police patrol called to the scene. How much the contents of the bags were worth will determine whether they will be charged with theft or a misdemeanor.

Article 119 § 1 Whoever steals or appropriates someone else’s movable property, if its value does not exceed PLN 500, shall be punishable by arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine.

Article 278 § 1. Whoever takes someone else’s movable property for appropriation shall be liable to imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

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