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Belarus. Used motor oil was fed into the furnace. They found the workshop by smell

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The owner of a car workshop in Białołęka constructed an installation that not only heated the rooms, but above all poisoned the air around it. City rangers from the Environmental Protection Division discovered the site by following their noses.

“On April 11, they controlled Białołęka when they smelled a nasty smell. They started looking for its source and noticed dark smoke hovering over the roofs. This led them to one of the properties where the car repair shop is located. They carried out an inspection” – describes the Warsaw City Guard.

Barrel with used oil

There was a solid fuel stove in the workshop, and next to it was a metal barrel from which used engine oil was fed to the furnace by a rubber hose. Nearby was a cardboard box filled with scraps of laminated board, which also served as firewood.

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“Both used oil and laminated boards emit highly toxic compounds during combustion, which were exposed not only to the plant’s employees, but also to the surroundings” – emphasize the guards who ordered the dismantling of the installation and punished the workshop owner in accordance with applicable regulations.

For burning garbage and waste is punishable by imprisonment for up to 30 days or a fine of up to five thousand zlotys. However, such high penalties can only be imposed by the court. The fines imposed by the municipal police are up to PLN 500.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police

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