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Belarusian helicopters over Białowieża. Their detection was impossible – Wojciech Skurkiewicz

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It was impossible to detect helicopters that were moving very low in a forested area – said Wojciech Skurkiewicz, deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense in the Sejm on Thursday. In this way, he was answering questions related to the incident of August 1, when Belarusian helicopters violated Polish airspace.

Thursday in Parliament Tomasz SiemoniakOn behalf of KO MPs, he asked the Prime Minister about the aviation incident related to the violation of Polish airspace by Belarusian helicopters. – Why did the Operational Command say that Polish airspace was not violated, and in the evening the Ministry of National Defense says otherwise? – asked Siemoniak, referring to the incident of August 1, 2023.

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MON: Detection of these helicopters was impossible

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Deputy Minister of National Defense Wojciech Skurkiewicz answered the question on behalf of the Prime Minister. – KO representatives focused on the incident that took place on August 1. The fact is that on August 1 at At 8.45, Polish airspace was violated by two Belarusian helicopters, which stayed there for no longer than ten minutes, stressed Skurkiewicz.

However, as he stated, detection of helicopters moving low, just above the forest wall, by radar systems was impossible. – From the point of view of the principles of operation of radar systems deployed on the ground, it was impossible to detect helicopters that were moving very low in a forested area – added the deputy head of the Ministry of National Defence.

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Skurkiewicz: We are taking steps to increase our capabilities in this area

He pointed out that the government was making efforts to increase Poland’s capabilities in this area. He emphasized that in recent weeks, the Ministry of National Defense has acquired two Saab 340 AEW early warning aircraft. He added that they would be involved in securing the eastern flank FOR THISand in particular the area along the Polish-Belarusian border.

– These provocations, because this is how we perceive this incident, have happened, are happening and unfortunately will happen. In the current situation, it is complicated and difficult to communicate. Today, Poland is not at war with any of its neighbours, it is not involved in a war or military crisis, said the deputy minister. He noted that the activities of the Polish Armed Forces are carried out on the basis of peacetime law.

Belarusian helicopter in Polish airspace, August 1, 2023Eliza Kowalczyk

– We have amended the so-called Renegade Act, which gives the Operational Commander (the Armed Forces – ed.) and the head of the Ministry of National Defense the possibility of taking specific actions in relation to aircraft, manned and unmanned, which may be treated as objects of a terrorist attack – emphasized the deputy head of the Ministry of National Defence.

He also reminded that the head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak sent an additional thousand soldiers to the Polish-Belarusian border. – Minister Błaszczak sent additional forces and resources to the border. Currently, we are approaching the number of ten thousand soldiers – stressed Skurkiewicz. He added that 4,000 soldiers are supported by the Border Guard, and the remaining 6,000 is in reserve with the appropriate equipment.

Main photo source: Eliza Kowalczyk

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