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Belarusian MMA fighter among those suspected of sabotage for Russian intelligence

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Sciapan K., a Belarusian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, is said to be among three suspects of setting fire to facilities in various parts of Poland and acting on behalf of foreign intelligence. This information was provided by the Alliance of Belarusian Investigative Journalists. The men: two Belarusians and a Pole were detained at the end of May, and the prosecutor's office brought charges against them in connection with their activities on behalf of foreign intelligence.

The Alliance of Belarusian Investigative Journalists – under this name they publish materials that are often cited by independent media – published on Saturday material about one of the two Belarusian citizens detained in Poland. The portal states that he is Sciapan K., born in 1987, a resident of Minsk, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. According to these reports, the man was associated with neo-Nazi groups from the football fan community. It was also reported that his wife is the daughter of the former Belarusian consul in Gdańsk.

We asked Jacek Dobrzyński, the press spokesman of the Minister Coordinator of Special Services, who had already provided information on this matter, to confirm these reports.

Sabotage ordered by the Russian services

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May 27 in Warsaw, Pruszków and the province. Pomeranian, officers Internal Security Agency detained three men – a Polish citizen and two Belarusian citizens – suspected of setting fire to objects in various parts of the country. “These are subsequent arrests in the investigation into the activities of an organized criminal group whose task is to commit acts of sabotage, in particular arson, at the request of the Russian secret services,” the Internal Security Agency reported at the time.

It was added that these were further arrests in the investigation into the activities of an organized criminal group whose task was to commit sabotage, in particular arson, on behalf of the Russian secret services. The services also reported that in January this year, a Ukrainian citizen was also detained who “made preparations to set fire to buildings in Wrocław.”

They face up to life imprisonment

The National Prosecutor's Office announced that the detainees were charged with activities for foreign intelligence. They were arrested for three months. They were to undertake sabotage and sabotage activities. As added, the prosecutor charged the three detainees with participation in an organized criminal group aimed at conducting activities for foreign intelligence against the Republic of Poland, taking part in the activities of Russian intelligence and undertaking sabotage and sabotage activities in Poland in exchange for the promise of financial benefits.

The suspects face up to life imprisonment.

About the ABW operation in Warsaw's Gocław We also reported on tvnwarszawa.pl. According to the person reporting the information to Kontakt 24, the officers were searching a car with Belarusian registration numbers. The vehicle allegedly contained gasoline cans and military backpacks.

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ABW actionInternet user/Contact 24

Main photo source: Internet user/Contact 24

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