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Monday, September 27, 2021

Bełchów. A 70-year-old cyclist collided with a motorcycle. He died on the spot

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The fatal accident took place in Bełchów in the Łódź Province. A 70-year-old cyclist who collided with a motorcycle on the national road number 70 is dead. It happened a few hours after a previous accident on this route.

The accident happened on Saturday (September 11) around 19.40 on the route from Łowicz to Skierniewice. – The preliminary findings of the police show that the 70-year-old bicycle driver drove from the dirt road onto the national road number 70, resulting in a collision with a 22-year-old motorcyclist riding this road – says Commissioner Aneta Sobieraj from the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź.

The cyclist, despite the help given to him, died on the spot. – The driver of the motorcycle was sober – emphasizes the policewoman.

In the previous incident, one person was injured

The cyclist collided with a motorcycleTSO KSRG Dzierzgów

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The accident happened shortly after the effects of an earlier collision in this section had been liquidated. A passenger car collided with a motorcycle in the village of Mokra Prawa. One person was injured.

For the second accident, among others, firefighters from Volunteer Fire Department in Dzierzgów.

This stretch of road is “very ungrateful”

– The previous incident happened a few hours earlier. The episode in question is very ungrateful – says Karol Kroć, the head of the aforementioned TSO.

He adds that various road incidents took place there many times.

– Although the road is straight, it is connected with several transverse forest paths, and the area is not illuminated. Drivers forget about it and a tragedy occurs – emphasizes the head.


Although the road is straight, there is no lightingTSO KSRG Dzierzgów

The accident took place in Bełchów in the Łowicz district

Main photo source: TSO KSRG Dzierzgów

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