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Beldany Lake. He jumped from the yacht into the water and did not resurface, searching

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After a night break, the search for a man who jumped from a yacht to Lake Bełdany (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship) on Friday and did not come out was resumed. The wanted man is a 32-year-old from Legionowo.

According to the fire brigade in Pisz, on Saturday (June 10) a team of firefighters with a boat from Ruciane Nida was sent to search. Firemen from Giżycko were also supposed to arrive. They have sonar for searching.

He jumped into the water and didn’t come out

On Friday (June 9) in the late afternoon in Bełdany, near the town of Kamień, a 32-year-old from Legionowo sailed with other people on a sailboat.

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– Preliminary findings show that he jumped into the water to swim and did not come out – said Commissioner Anna Szypczyńska from the Pisz police on Friday. She added that the helmsman of the yacht was sober.

The rescue operation was carried out by rescuers from the Masurian Volunteer Rescue Service, a water ambulance and firefighters, including a water and diving group from Mrągowo. The MOPR diver went under the water for about an hour, but did not find the man, then the fire brigade took over.

The search site is far from the shore, the lake is about 20 meters deep there, and visibility in the water is poor.

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Search operation of a man who jumped from a yacht into Lake Bełdany (June 9, 2023)Masurian Volunteer Rescue Service

The action resumed after a night break

After two hours, the rescue operation turned into a search. After dark it was interrupted and resumed on Saturday morning.

In the season, Bełdany is one of the most popular among sailors and crowded Masurian lakes.

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Main photo source: Masurian Volunteer Rescue Service

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