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Belgium. A light plane accident in Bruges. The machine crashed into the street. The pilot was slightly injured, the services will investigate

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A small plane crashed in the middle of a street in Bruges, Belgium. In the event of an accident, the pilot managed to activate the parachute of the machine. This made the impact force not high. Nothing serious happened to the pilot, and the circumstances of the event will be explained by the air services.

On Friday at Torhoutsesteenweg in Bruges in the north Belgium There was an accident of a small plane that crashed on a busy country road in the middle of the city. In the video made by the inhabitant, you can see the light aircraft diving through the air and hitting the ground with its nose. The force with which the machine hit the ground, however, was not great. It is thanks to the fact that the pilot managed to open the light aircraft parachute.

After the accident, the pilot got out of the cabin and, slightly wounded, was taken to the hospital. Firefighters quickly arrived to prevent a possible fire.

Laurens Caestecker, who witnessed the incident, talked about how it happened. – I was working in the garden, I looked up and saw a parachuted plane. I heard a cry for help – he reported.

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Tony Spegelaere is the owner of the house in front of which the light aircraft accident happened. – A friend called me and said that a plane had crashed in front of my garage. I found it hard to believe. Most importantly, the pilot came out unscathed, the man said.

Police: there are rumors that one of the parts detached and the plane lost control

Bruges Police Chief Dirk Van Nuffek announced that “we will find out what really happened thanks to an investigation by the relevant aviation services.” – It will be consulted with experts. There have been rumors that one of the parts has detached and the plane has lost control, he added.

Main photo source: ENEX

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