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Belgium. An illegal three-day party at a former military base. The police were afraid to stop the rave

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A three-day music event illegally organized at a former military base in Brustem, Belgium, has come to an end. The event was to be attended by 10,000 people, many of them under the influence of drugs. Despite complaints from local residents, the police did not intervene for fear of a potential “situation getting out of hand”.

The rave party – many hours of fun with electronic music – unexpectedly began on Friday at the former Belgian military base in the city of Brustem. No permits were obtained for its organization, as well as for access to the facility. Local services were informed about the situation by local residents, who began to complain about the noise and disruptive behavior of the participants taking “large amounts of drugs”.

Then the local media began to publicize the case. “The situation is dangerous and could get out of control,” warned Limburg governor Jos Lantmeeters on Sunday at a specially organized conference. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden also spoke on Twitter about the end of an illegally organized event involving at least 10,000 people. “I am asking the police and the judiciary to prioritize this matter so that peace can quickly return to the residents,” she appealed.

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Illegal party at Brustem military base

Despite complaints from residents and local authorities, the Belgian police did not disrupt the event and allowed it to continue for three consecutive days. As the security services explained, due to the vast, over 400-hectare area of ​​the base and the military buildings present there, the appearance of the police could lead to an escalation of the situation and a potential “fight between the security forces and the participants”. Therefore, the officers decided not to intervene. The event ended spontaneously on Monday, when its participants decided to disperse.

On the day before the event, paramedics came dozens of times to help people who lost consciousness or suffered from epileptic seizures as a result of taking drugs, according to the local “De Telegraaf”. Belgian police also announced the arrest of nine people after the event, seven of whom were allegedly responsible for organizing the event and two were allegedly selling drugs at it.

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