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Belgium and the Netherlands. New Year’s Eve. Detentions after the riots

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206 people in Brussels and 60 in Antwerp were placed in police custody on New Year’s Day for violating the fireworks ban and clashing with the police, local media reported on Monday. There was also unrest in the Netherlands, where over 200 people were arrested. In Rotterdam, over 100 cars were set on fire and dozens of officers were injured.

According to the Brussels police, over 100,000 people welcomed the New Year in the center of Brussels. After the riots in the capital Belgium 206 people were arrested.

In Antwerp, located in the north of Belgium, there were regular clashes between young people and police officers – reports the VRT Nws portal. Barricades were built in several places in the city, a police car and a bus stop were burned. 60 people were taken into police custody.

The daily “De Standaard” reports that also in Ghent, located in the north of the country, the ban on lighting fireworks was widely ignored. “Massive fireworks were set off throughout the city,” the newspaper reports, and also reports that a car was set on fire in the city center.

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A burning car due to the use of fireworks in BrusselsAbaca/PAP/EPA

Over 200 people detained in the Netherlands

In all Netherlands On New Year’s Eve, according to the local police, over 200 people were arrested during the riots. Dozens of police officers were injured.

In several cities, police officers were attacked with fireworks and stones. A police spokesman told Dutch broadcaster NOC it was a night full of serious incidents and “unacceptable” violence.

Police in Rotterdam reported that over 100 cars and other vehicles were set on fire, while in Amsterdam, The Hague and other cities, police forces were needed to disperse the “brutal” crowd.

Cleaning up after New Year’s Eve in AmsterdamPAP/EPA/RAMON VAN FLYMEN

Across the country, officers also assisted fire brigades that were attacked with fireworks while trying to extinguish numerous fires.

Police said that in the city of Haarlem shortly before midnight on Sunday, a 19-year-old man died from injuries suffered in an accident involving fireworks.

Main photo source: Abaca/PAP/EPA

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