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Belgium. The lottery jackpot reached €143 million. The inhabitants of one village won, the prize to be divided among 165 people

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The jackpot in the Belgian edition of the EuroMillions lottery reached €143 million. The winners were 165 residents of the village of Olmen in the province of Antwerp in the north of Belgium. Everyone contributed equally to the pot to buy tickets at the local newsstand and split any winnings.

Thus, each of the lucky winners will receive €868,000, the Belgian national lottery announced. Her spokeswoman Joke Vermoere said group successes are not uncommon in Belgiumbut the inhabitants of Olmen can boast of the highest group win in the history of Belgian betting.

Vermoere hailed winning the lottery as “the best Christmas present”.

EuroMillions lotteryAscannio / Shutterstock

Lucky ticket bought at a newsstand. The customers couldn’t believe the win

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The owner of the kiosk where the tickets were bought said in a radio interview that he had to repeat the news of the win “five or six times” because his customers couldn’t believe it.

The EuroMillions lottery is organized in Belgium, FranceGreat Britain, SpainPortugal, IrelandAustria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Main photo source: Ascannio / Shutterstock

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