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Belgorod. An apartment block collapsed. Reports of casualties

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Russian media reported on Sunday that Ukrainians shelled the city in the morning Belgorod, located on the border of both countries. As reported by the Kremlin's RIA Novosti agency, one of the rockets hit apartment building already Kharkov Mountain. As a result, the entire residential section collapsed. 10-story building.

Nine people were injured, according to unconfirmed information seven people died. Local authorities, emergency services, medics, and volunteer residents arrived on site to clear the area of ​​debris.

Initially, what remained was the attic, which hung over a huge gap in the building. However, after 12:00 local time and this one The “connector” collapsed. Later, during the rescue operation, the block partially collapsed again. Materials posted online show that people working on the rubble ran away in panic to avoid getting injured. From the building 12 people were rescuedincluding children – said the Russian Ministry of Emergency Affairs.

Belgorod. Another attack on the city. Difficult situation on the front

RIA Novosti writes that in Belgorod there were several announcements only on Sunday air alarm. A day earlier, we reported that as a result of another Ukrainian shelling in Belgorod, one person lost his life and 29 were injured. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that 12 missiles fired by the enemy were destroyed. Much damage was reported in the city.

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The situation on the Russian-Ukrainian front, especially in Donbass, It is difficult. On Saturday evening, President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the enemies were continuing offensive operations in the Kharkiv region. The leader also listened to the reports of the commander-in-chief of the army Gen. Oleksandr Syrski.

Zelensky he mentioned seven places, where skirmishes occur. – These are border villages. Our troops have been conducting counterattacks there for the second day, defending Ukrainian territory. We are strengthening our positions, especially in the Kharkiv region – that's where we add strength. The artillery works exactly as it should, he assured.

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