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Berlin. A fire at the Vivantes Klinikum Am Urban hospital in Kreuzberg. Injured patients, nurse and firefighters

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Four people – three patients and a nurse – were seriously injured in a fire at the Vivantes Klinikum Am Urban hospital in Berlin. Two firefighters were also injured. The firefight lasted several hours.

A fire broke out on the second floor of the Klinikum Am Urban hospital in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district on Sunday night. Surprised the staff and patients. Police said they had arrested a suspect, but they do not rule out deliberate arson, but it is not yet known what caused the fire.

In total, about 40 people needed medical help. Among the injured patients is a woman who was in the elevator during the fire. She suffered life-threatening injuries. “It’s lucky we were able to rescue her from the elevator and she didn’t suffer even more dangerous injuries,” said a spokesman for the Berlin Police.

Two firefighters were also slightly injured during the firefighting operation, in which about 100 units took part.

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Vivantes Klinikum Am Urban, BerlinAchim Wagner / Shutterstock

Main photo source: Achim Wagner / Shutterstock

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