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Berlinale. Sean Penn on Poles: I had the opportunity to see how open their doors and hearts are

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Being in Poland, working with Poles, I had the opportunity to see how open their doors and hearts are – said the American actor Sean Penn at the Berlinale film festival, where his documentary “Superpower” was shown. Shortly after the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the star visited Poland, where he met with Ukrainian refugees.

The premiere of the documentary “Superpower” took place at the 73rd Berlin Film Festival. The picture by Sean Penn and Aaron Kaufman talks about the situation in Ukraine starting from 2014. It also shows Volodymyr Zelensky’s path from assuming power until he fights for the freedom of his country.

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Sean Penn at the 73rd Berlin Film FestivalPAP/EPA/CLEMENS BALANCE

Sean Penn about “open hearts” of Poles

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During a press conference in Berlin, Sean Penn, when asked by TVN24 journalist Ewelina Witenberg, told about his stay in Ukraine and Poland. He also referred to the help of Poles for the Ukrainian nation.

– In Ukraine, I quickly began to combine various functions. I was a documentalist and at the same time I was doing organizational work. It happened that I was walking back and forth disoriented – said the artist.

– Being in Poland, working with Poles, I had the opportunity to see how open their doors and hearts are – he continued. “Poland’s response was one of the most meaningful, most supportive responses to the refugee crisis I’ve ever seen,” he added.

Sean Penn at a press conference in BerlinPAP/EPA/CLEMENS BALANCE

Sean Penn in Ukraine and Poland

On the day of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Sean Penn was in Kiev, where he was shooting a documentary about the activities Russia against Ukraine. After Moscow launched its invasion on February 24, the star abandoned his car on the roadside and decided to walk from Kiev to the Polish border, thus showing solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. Earlier, he spoke with the most important politicians in Ukraine.

In March, Penn paid a visit to Krakow, where he visited, among others, reception and information point at the Main Railway Station. He signed an agreement with the mayor of the city on cooperation in helping refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

At the end of June last year, he visited Kiev again, where he personally met with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Support for Ukraine at the 73rd Berlinale

The 73rd Berlinale puts Ukraine at the center of the program. Support for her was demonstrated before Thursday’s opening gala, when banners were raised on the red carpet with slogans: “Stop the Russian invasion.” In turn, during the celebration gathered at the Berlinale Palast joined with the president of Ukrainewho reminded that “Russia wants to build a wall between Ukraine and Europe, to separate Ukraine from its future.” – Russia is destroying our cities, killing people, murdering women and children, threatening the world with a nuclear attack, allowing a global crisis. In the face of all this, should cinema remain outside politics? (…) Certainly not. Not where there is a policy of aggression and terror, where you want to destroy other countries and people. Culture cannot remain silent, because silence helps evil. Culture cannot change the world, but it inspires and influences people who can change the world, Zelensky concluded.

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The festival will last until Sunday, February 26.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/CLEMENS BALANCE

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