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Berry. He was arrested with one dog and found two in an abandoned car

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“He tried to stop random cars. He damaged three of them by kicking and throwing stones at them. He also broke windows in nearby buildings and tried to hide in the fields” – reported the Garwolin police. The 26-year-old was detained, he had a dog with him. The next morning, the policemen found his car abandoned on the road. There were two dogs in it.

The unusual event happened a few days ago. “After 9 p.m. the police officer on duty received a report that an unknown man in Jagodno had entered the road and left a wheelbarrow in the middle. He forced the Hyunda to stop. He tried to get inside the car and then, for unknown reasons, started kicking the car and throwing it various subjects “- she said in the announcement of the young asp. Małgorzata Pychner from the Garwolin police. – “Police patrols were directed to the scene. As it turned out, there were more victims, because the man also damaged two other vehicles and broke windows in two nearby residential buildings. The value of the losses suffered by the victims totaled over PLN 10,000.”


Abandoned car, dogs inside

Witnesses told the police that the perpetrator had escaped. They managed to find him and keep him. A 26-year-old resident of the Podkarpackie Province had a dog with him. He was placed in police custody and the animal was looked after by an employee of the shelter.

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“The next day, in the morning, a patrol of policemen from the road traffic department near Garwolin, on the emergency lane of the S17 expressway, noticed an abandoned car with two dogs in it” – added the young asp. Małgorzata Pychner. – “According to the findings of the policemen, the car was used by a suspected 26-year-old. The man explained that he wanted to get to Warsaw. He kept the cars for someone to give him a lift. The abandoned vehicle was towed at the owner’s expense, and the animals were moved to a safe place.

The detainee faces up to five years in prisonpolice in Garwolin

Based on the collected evidence, the police officers presented the man with five allegations of property damage. He is facing up to five years imprisonment.

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Theft of the veturilo in the eye of the surveillance cameraKRP I

tvnwarszawa.pl/policja w Garwolin

Main photo source: police in Garwolin

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